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The Most Frequently Misspelled English Words

(practice spelling these words.  Write them down on paper, say out loud, use in a sentence.)

  1. a cappella
  2. absence
  3. accommodation
  4. according
  5. achievement
  6. activities
  7. administrator
  8. advertisement
  9. advice
  10. adviser
  11. advisory
  12. agriculture
  13. all right
  14. a lot
  15. already
  16. among
  17. anesthesia
  18. angel
  19. angle
  20. annual
  21. apparel
  22. appreciate
  23. approximately
  24. architect
  25. article
  26. assembly
  27. athlete
  28. athletic
  29. attendance
  30. auditorium
  1. author
  2. barbecue
  3. battalion
  4. believe
  5. benefit
  6. bookkeeping
  7. boy's
  8. boys'
  9. business
  10. calendar
  11. character
  12. chosen
  13. coming
  14. committee
  15. congratulations
  16. conscience
  17. conscious
  18. convenient
  19. counselor
  20. curriculum
  21. develop
  22. disappoint
  23. distinguished
  24. duchess
  25. editorial
  26. eighth
  27. eligible
  28. embarrassing
  29. emphasize
  30. emphatic
  1. ensemble
  2. environment
  3. experience
  4. faculty
  5. familiar
  6. February
  7. finally
  8. foreign
  9. formally
  10. formerly
  11. fourth
  12. friend
  13. government
  14. grammar
  15. gymnasium
  16. illustration
  17. independent
  18. initiated
  19. interest
  20. intramural
  21. judgment
  22. laboratory
  23. led
  24. library
  25. license
  26. literature
  27. misspelled
  28. necessary
  29. nickel
  30. occurrence
  1. opinion
  2. organization
  3. pantomime
  4. pastime
  5. privilege
  6. probably
  7. questionnaire
  8. receive
  9. recommend
  10. renaissance
  11. restaurant
  12. rhythm
  13. schedule
  14. separate
  15. sergeant
  16. similar
  17. sophomore
  18. sponsor
  19. studying
  20. sufficient
  21. superintendent
  22. surprised
  23. thought
  24. treasurer
  25. truly
  26. until
  27. Wednesday
  28. weird
  29. writer
  30. writing


Excerpt from The Isis Papers:  The Keys to the Colors written by Dr. Frances Cress-Welding


Black people, as a collective, are becoming increasingly sophisticated.  We are becoming strong enough to face many unpleasant realities and truths about ourselves and the social system and world that we live in, without denial or panic....

Black children are our most valuable possession and our greatest potential resource.  Any meaningful discussion of the survival or the future of Black people must be predicated upon Black people's plan for the maximal development of all Black children.  Children are the only future of any people.  If the children's lives are squandered, and if the children of a people are not fully developed at whatever cost and sacrifice, the people will have consigned themselves to certain death.  They will be destroyed from without or from within--by the attack of their own children against them.  And they may be destroyed by both.  Black people now are being attacked in the streets (from within) by our own youths, as well as being attacked (from without) by our collective oppressor.  This reality reveals the central questions of this essay, which Black people must answer:  1) Will Black children in the U.S. ever develop to their maximum genetic potential? 2) If so, who will assume ultimate responsibility for bringing about the maximal development --  Black people themselves or white people? 3) If Black children are not to be maximally developed, what do Black people really think is going to happen to this large Black undeveloped mass of human beings?  And, 4) Are white people in any way looking to Black people for the maximal development of white children?


In a social system designed to achieve white domination, the experience of that system molds white children so that they may function in the role of the oppressors, or the "functional superiors" (because that is what white supremacy is supposed to mean:  that whites will function in a superior way as compared to non-whites).  Through structured superior functioning, whites will be able to oppress others.  The same social system simultaneously will mold all children classified as "non-whites" or "others" to play the role of the "functional inferiors," or the oppressed.  This is why a white racist social system is completely incapable of providing total equality of opportunity to Blacks.  Such a system must, for its maintenance, produce differential levels of functioning for whites and non-whites. 


We must struggle as individuals to build this essential new African self respect through the following exercises: 1) We must stop gossiping about one another; 2) we must stop name calling one another; 3) we must stop squabbling with one another; 4) we must stop competing and comparing ourselves with one another; 5)  we must stop making babies of our sons and lovers and then calling them incompetent behind their backs; 6) and instead of looking into the mirror each morning asking, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, am I the fairest one of all?" we should begin to ask, "mirror, mirror on the wall, am I fooling my black self at all?"

We do not have many choices remaining. The time is short and the crisis situation, though not of our own making, is upon us. Will we continue to be the "Cooperating Cleopatras" or will we be the fighting, struggling warrior Queens? Racism, now as in Cleopatra's time is war against Black People, against the Black Family, against Black Men, against Black Women and against Black Children, throughout the world. There is no war in history that has gone away with a wish or a prayer. Wars must be fought with the willpower, knowledge, courage and determination of people.







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